Monday, January 7, 2008

Day in Paradise

This was the first day back at work after a two week holiday. I choose fun. Tried to upload a really funny picture. but it's Monday, so I am stupid.

But this weekend I watched the movie The Lake House. I am a romantic. But you know, I have also experienced the connection. I don't know really what to call it. Sometimes it is "soulmate", but that doesn't mean that the person will be in your life forever. In the physical sense.

I have known three people, one was my best girl friend in my twenties and thirties, the other two were men I loved. We were connected. Once, I hadn't seen my friend for maybe two years. Suddenly, she occupied my mind constantly, and I could almost see her and hear her voice. During this time, I ran into her mom. We were talking, and she said my friend was going through a really rough time and had been wondering how to get in touch with me. That is one example.

Sometimes, when the connection is open, (it is like a line between two orange juice cans), it can be very disturbing. It is like someone poking at your shoulder.

It is like the bond moms have with their kids. But bigger. Anyway, while the movie was based on a hole in time, so these connections are like windows that open, and the breeze coming through.

I wrote this poem during one of the disturbances.

Today I share my space with you.
We are the same stuff.
This veil that separates:
Thin as paper,
Sketched with occupations
From our separate days,
It stands so fragile:
Morning's mist, to rise and disappear
When the Lord smiles
Into time and turns
To restoration.

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