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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Women rule the world in whispers

All politics aside, women rule the world. It is not a rule of dominance or dominion over men but a leadership of concepts and lifestyle that starts at the cradle. The formative years of childhood are spent in the arms of a mother. The mother imparts values to her child, a wisdom that ingrains itself and forms the man or woman the child becomes.

The word ‘rule’ can ruffle feathers. However, to rule means to have a directive, to lead, to manage, and reach a decision. I feel compelled to clarify that when women rule, it is in the social sense, the most powerful element. Powerful because social norms determine how men and women relate and respect others. Historically, societies were not ‘civilized’ until the female voice of reason took the lead.

Women have the ability to change how society views women, men, equality, justice, fairness, respect, education, and much more. When individual women realize their potential to bring about social change, social change will begin. Women can raise their sons to respect women as they respect themselves. Woman can raise their daughters to respect themselves. Women can enable social equality with just a whisper.

When I see the horrific pictures on the internet showing veiled women in chains, or veiled woman being buried, I understand that women do not understand how powerful they are.

I read the values of the International Woman’s Day: Justice, Dignity, Hope, Equality, Collaboration, Tenacity, Appreciation, Respect, Empathy, and Forgiveness. These are the lullabies of women who move society forward.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Choosing a dress for holiday occasions

With the holidays fast approaching, you can expect invitations to holiday parties, galas, fundraisers, and holiday dinners. But who has a closet full of ready to wear elegant apparel? Before you head to the store, consider how to pick a dress for your special occasion.
Choosing the perfect dress can be both exciting and challenging. When you receive an invitation to a special occasion, the invitation may state formal, semi-formal or casual apparel. We all want to look great, but don’t want to be over or under dressed. These simple guidelines for formal, semi-formal, and weddings will help you find the best dress for the occasion.

Formal dresses

When invited to a formal occasion, the invitation usually includes a clue to the dress code, such as 'black-tie' or 'formal'. Usually fundraisers, galas, balls, and formal dinners require formal attire.
Formal dresses can be floor length or cocktail length, but not too short or too revealing. The fabric for formal dresses includes silk, brocade, lame (a metallic fabric) and jacquard. Dresses can be off the shoulder, strapless, or have thin spaghetti straps. Formal colors are white, black, red, gold and silver. Formal dresses should be one color and may have limited patterns. Remember the darker the color the more elegant you will appear. Formal dresses can be trimmed with rhinestones, embroidery or other accents.
It is important to make sure the color of your shoes match your dress. If you cannot find an exact match, the rule is the color of the shoe can match the hemline or be slightly lighter. Formal footwear can be elegant high pumps or dressy sandals.
Choose an elegant small evening bag that matches your shoe color.
For a truly elegant appearance, understate your jewelry. Choose a simple necklace and earrings, and keep bracelets to a minimum.
Semi formal
For a semi formal occasion, choose a cocktail length (short dress) or dressy pants paired with a jacket. The fabric can be the same as for formal dresses; however, semi-formal fabric can includes taffeta, chiffon, and other fabrics that flow.  Avoid fabrics that cling to your shape and dresses that are too revealing.
Follow the same rules as formal dressing when choosing your shoes, handbag and jewelry.

Choosing a dress for a wedding has only one unbreakable rule. “No one wears white except the bride.” Other than that, dressing for a wedding will depend on the formality of the wedding. If the couple is being married at a park with a barbeque reception, the dress will be much different from attending a formal reception at a hall or hotel. Unless the reception is casual, a cocktail dress, elegant pants, or full-length dresses are acceptable. Good etiquette is to choose an outfit that compliments your beauty, but will not draw attention away from the bride. Other than that, buy a dress that is fun and looks good on you.