Wednesday, August 20, 2008

God's Healing

I was shopping at Justice with my 9 year old. Justice is a store for tweens, who want clothing like they see on Hannah Montana. While I was outside the dressing room waiting for the next outfit appearance, I notice a young man with a large child in a stroller.
The little girl was disabled, and started to whine slightly. He soothed her and rocked the stroller back and forth. He was picking out some shirts for her to where, that were age appropriate for a tween. How sweet it was, and my heart was really touched. He was in a store his daughter would love, it she was aware that she was nine or ten. But looking at the child, I could see she would not be the energetic, bouncy girl, like my nine year old.
I have been praying for God to heal this child since I saw her. I continue to pray each day. Because God can. He doesn't need me to lay hands on the child. I hope that the girl is healing even now.
I could tell from the man's demeanour that he loved his daughter. And I want his hopes to be blessed. If you will, please pray for this child.

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