Sunday, August 29, 2010

What does it mean to be a Christian

What does it mean to be a Christian? Christian is an accepted term for a group of religious dominations subscribing to the belief that God sent his Son, Jesus, to live and die so that mankind could be once and for all united with God, beyond the Old Testament law.

So does being a Christian mean that you are a member of a denomination, even a non-denomination? Or does being a Christian mean that you, as an individual, have accepted as indisputable truth the Jesus was born of a virgin, lived, and died to reconcile you to God? And, if you, as an individual, believe and accept this, what is the responsibility of your everyday life?

Does it mean you follow a pre-described set of rules defined by an organized sect of the Christian religion? Or do you follow your heart?

It is good to be taught, and to understand Jesus and God's word. It is good to spend time understanding the sin nature of yourself, and why God had the need to send Jesus to die. You cannot change your nature, but you can ask Jesus to change your nature. And you can act as God would, with love, compassion and patience.

You can, through reading the Bible, prayer, and a devotion of thought life, draw close to God. So that you can ask, in any situation, how you should respond.

You cannot get close to God by following rules designed to define how you should act. Do you think God cares if ladies wear makeup, or men play cards? Only if in doing those things, your character is affected. God is concerned about the character of a person, not the actions. But, but, you say.

BUT think about it. The reason you do something is directly related to your inner man. When your character is aligned with God, you will only WANT to do things that reflect that.

It is simple, really, to be a Christian. Do good, and don't wait for people to praise you for it. It is only you and God. You can be a Democrat, and still be a Christian. You can understand that you are meant to live in the world, and be a light, so you mix with unbelievers, you go to school with them, and you work with them.

As you walk, be a person who lives in the light. People will come to you. Because they will be curious about your peace, your kindness, your excellence in your work, or education.

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