Sunday, January 23, 2011

Best Ways to Show Others You are a Christian

Smile. Did you know that when someone smiles as you, it instantly lifts your spirit and makes you think there is hope.

Be patient. A crowded checkout line is difficult on the checker, too. While you are waiting in line at the drive-thru ATM, get your card out, sign your checks and prepare your deposit. It will keep you busy, and help those behind you others get through the line faster.

Be a good listener. Let people tell their stories, their troubles, and share their joys without interruption. Ask God to help you hear, and respond with a word in due season.

Be patient. You did not get to where you are overnight, and no one else does either.
Don't think you have solved the puzzles of life and have the "right" answers. If you did, you would be with Jesus.

Love always. Love is not the kissy, feeling stuff. It is the sustaining attitude that you will be the pillar in the lives of those you know. You will accept their shortcomings, and treat them like Jesus treats you.

Pray and talk to God. When your boss yells at you, when you are facing a challenge at work or school, when you are stumped on a problem, talk to God. He does care about you.

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