Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Failing God

When we fall short, understanding we are failing God, it's important to recognize our shortcomings. God did. He knew us from the moment of conception. And He made a way. Still, we feel sad, often shamed, and it is sometimes difficult to know what to do.
I stand cloaked in failure.
Obedience and right thinking
Buried under pounds of trying
To construct my life and not bother God,
When all He wanted was my trust
My pride, my grief.

I cannot look into those lovely eyes
Or bear the kindest touch.

Googling my mind for God's word
I find two ways to react to failure:
Peter, who denied the very Lord he defended,
Wept bitterly while
Judas, who betrayed his Friend, was racked with shame,
And hung himself.
I look into those lovely eyes,
As sorrowful as their reflection,
I choose faith, the forgiving nature of God.

I shake off the cloak of failure
Letting go the clasp of pride and self-reliance
Step quietly onto the trail of forgiveness
Wiping bitter tears and
Warmed by the sun.

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