Sunday, October 30, 2011

Paranormal Activity

What amazes me is that people easily believe in paranormal activity-ghosts, spirits, hauntings, possessions-but are skeptical when it comes to believing in God. We live in a three dimensional environment, but we know that there are more angles to life than we can see, feel or touch.

I am struggling with sadness and a negative attitude. Struggling because I am constantly banishing the despondent thoughts trying to blanket my mind and steal my hope. And I am weary.

So I am cruising the television channels, looking for positive or funny things to watch. I stop on a preacher I have heard good things about. He spoke about how God using the adverse situation in our lives as stepping stones to greater things. (There goes that character thing again).

What amazed me is the message was focused on jobs and different situations that lead to unfair termination and betrayal. Whoa! My ear turned and I listened. God was speaking directly to my heart, telling me to let go of the pity and negative thoughts, and turn my eyes towards the good that will come of this.

God reached through the veil and used someone to speak directly into my heart, into my situation and into my attitude. This is positive paranormal. Paranormal means "seemingly outside normal sensory channels," and "not in accordance with scientific laws."

I admit that paranormal activity exists, and I choose the positive paranormal to guide my life.

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