Friday, June 29, 2012

Religion or relationship-stunning definition

I heard a stunning definition of religion. Religion is man's interpretation of how to please God. The more I thought about this, the more I understood. This is why there are so many different denominations and ways to follow Jesus. Each branch has a root in the Word, and trys to create a roadmap to reach God.

I also heard the definition of relationship. Relationship is what God wants with His people. Relationship is a covenenat between God and me in which each of us commits to the other, and pledges to give all we have to each other and to the generations that belong to us.

I really don't have anything to give to God, but as I develop in our covenant relationship, I am increased, enlarged, and enabled to give to those whom God also has covenant with.

Honestly, in a true covenant relationship, God is well able to lead us in His direction as we give ourselves over to Him.

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