Saturday, February 2, 2013


The soul has lonely places. I am putting together a book of my poetry. I am revisiting experiences as I read and edit my work. There is a sense of introspection.

Later, as I was playing Bingo on pogo, I noticed certain reactions in my spirit. It was silly, but I began to feel the game was against me, that I could not win, that others were ahead of me. I asked myself where this coming from is.

Poets are strange individuals, examining all the forests and clearings. I traced my feeling back as far as I could remember. I learned that some of the disturbances I felt were rooted in loneliness. I have many friends and family in my life. I am not alone. So why do I feel this?

As I talked with God, I realized that we all have crevices, spaces in life where loneliness seeps in and wears gullies in our hearts. I asked God to take this loneliness and fill these spaces. Honestly, this loneliness does not have to spill into my heart.

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