Saturday, May 18, 2013

What it's like to be born again

I was praying for a friend this morning. God showed me an example of what it is to be born again.

My dachshund gave birth to seven puppies. During the birthing, one of the puppies was very large, and Gretchen (my dachshund) was very tired. The puppy couldn’t get through the birth canal. I had to gently reach pull the puppy into the world. The puppy was encased in a thin transparent sack. I pulled the membrane away so that the pup could breathe, and begin his new life.

Our hearts can become encased in a film of protection, pride, and fear. We strive to find meaning, happiness, and purpose in life. When a person is born again, accepting Jesus as Lord, the Holy Spirit gently removed the membrane surrounding the heart. The newborn believer can breathe, see, and feel for the first time in the newness of life livable without the binding and blindness that comes with life apart from God.

Only God can tear away the encasement of the heart. Pray for your friends, your loved one, and your family. Ask God to have mercy, and to show these loved ones the grace that was shown to you. Pray that Jesus will reveal Himself to your friends, and provide the grace so they will allow the Holy Spirit to free their hearts to be born again.

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