Thursday, June 25, 2015

How can God not be real

I wonder when I hear people say "I don't believe in God". I ask what they believe in, and most cannot say. But some respond "Oh, a great being", "a higher power", or, sadder still, "nothing, when you die you die." Some say "How can God be real, with all the suffering in the world?" 

Open your eyes, sometimes I say. How can God not be real? We breathe, we hope, we aspire. And for what, if there is nothing? But until people experience this good grace for themselves, they cannot know. And some are so shelled with pride, they cannot reach a thought that's not their own. 

I pray for them, that their eyes are opened, their hearts softened, and their pride abandoned. 

God is great: imposing, noble, heroic, splendid
Some do not believe. I wonder
How can His presence be denied?
What thoughts do they possess
That leads them through the dark place
Where God is real, but they are blind?
Where is their laughter?
Where is their hope?
Living in one dimension
Straight-line birth to death

Tick marks along the line of life events

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