Sunday, March 5, 2017

Wounds that bind us

There is no wound so deep it can’t be mended
No relationship so shattered it cannot be restored
The real devastation comes when embers
Are selfishly discarded and ignored.
The fires of life grow dim within each season
Prayerful tending now and then required.
God has placed our hearts in careful motion
Chosen for us parent, friend and child.
The body we are bound to fills a nation
But we are bound by borders less than these
To sharpen and refine our very nature
To build the Body up upon our knees. 

So always we are free and we are fastened
To God and family, blood born, others found.
The choices that we make have lasting etchings
That only time reveals and heaven resounds
No one can separate us from God’s loving
And only we can leave His holy ground
So we are free to roam and chose our own path
But that does not disturb that we are bound.

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