Sunday, December 30, 2007

What is Woe

The Israelites stayed in the desert because they refused to make the decision to walk by faith, and not by sight.

Struggling in this sifting sand
with no firm ground below,
Among this crowd of nomads,
wondering in woe.
Wandering within these walls
of blue and white hot light,
Days spent walking forward,
Resting quieter each night.

Finding bread each morning
spread across the sands like dew.
Witnessing a stone be struck
and waters flowing through.
Following a column
lighting one step at a time,
What now seems so uncertain,
was it once so all divine?
My legs do not grow weary,
my clothes do not decay,
I follow, I am silent,
I do not know the way.

I'm curious about the land
beyond what I can see.
I know the land that's now behind
and burns my memory:
As fear and worry captures me
I ponder at my plight
Give voice to discontentment
And rail against this flight.

To choose to stay, or choose to slow?
But if I leave, where will I go?
Dwelling in the land now past
Freedom was my dream.
But in these walls of desert
what freedom can be seen?
I cry aloud, to God..
And pause. Wipe blinding sand aside.
I remember I was rescued
I walked through walls of tide.

My steps grow quick, a song burst forth.
I lift my voice, now strong.
I hear the praises echo
through this great nomadic throng.
I look up to the light again-
A steady constant glow.
And steady now my heart responds
That where it leads, I'll go.
I know now what is woe.

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