Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Facing the Challenges of Life

I have challenges in my life, times of trouble, sometimes I am afraid. I believe God is good, all the time. So I choose to hope, I choose to believe. Sometimes I have to laugh at myself, I am no one really, another soul.

I am misled by my own passions, deceived by my desires, and I am inpatient. A Bozo, really. But isn't that why Jesus died?

Not so that I could be "holy" and walk around in a cloud. Not so I could sit around with others and talk about the decline of the world. But that I could bring hope. I know that we are bad and good, we do the best we can.
Hope never fails.

I hear the Lord, He calls to me,
"Believe Me one more day,
I'm on your side,
I'm in your heart,
I won't turn you away.
Pick up the laughter,
hold the joy,
Embrace the dream, and stay.
Grab hold the hope,
Protect your thoughts,
For now I make the way.
Like streams
Where none have been before,
Where desert roses bloom,
I am Creator, pure and good.
The way will be clear soon."

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