Sunday, September 11, 2011

Asking Why on 9/11?

It's hard sometimes to understand that the merciful God we serve puts up with such fell events. I am sometimes tempted to ask "why", but not often, only because in my life I was usually too shocked, and could only pray "Lord, help me."

I know we live in a world of parallelled faith and unbelief. And unbelief yields fear and worry, leaving the heart like an abandon child with no guidance to grow on.

Wicked, wrong and villainous
They boarded on the plane
Practicing a ritual
To reach their heavens plain.

Treacherous, troubled, trickery,
He snuck into the school
Fired his anger in bullets of death
Uncivilized and cool.

Maleficent, malicious mother
Captured children, one by one,
And held them under water
Until each life was done.

Repellent, reprobate raper
Chased the woman as she ran,
Grabbed her collar in his fist,
Left her dead upon the sand.

“Something wicked this way comes”
A falling from the grace
Tattering the holy weave of man’s nature,
Void, the heart debased.

On this day, and always, I pray for those who live in unbelief, and for peace and joy to enter their hearts.

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