Thursday, September 15, 2011

God's Promises Require Some Handholding

Like many folks these days, I am out of work. For me, this requires some spiritual discipline. I am prone to melancholy, and I always like to have a plan. The circumstances I am facing now mean I don't have a clue, let alone a plan. But I know one thing: God is good all the time.
So I stand up and keep on moving forward. I am doing all I can, apply for jobs and talking with my creditors about reduced payments. I like to be pro-active. I can't make it turn out all right, but I know God can.

God's Promise

Unknown, cautious movement.
A dark and sideless way.
Walking forward,
Yearning for arrival
And the shining light deliverance.

To what end, this walking,
In a hazy half light?
What mountains and pitfalls lie ahead?

Sustaining, the Lord's hand.
And this promise:
Though stumbling shall not fall

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