Friday, May 9, 2014

America has gone too far

When did it become a threat to have freedom of ideas, opinions, and lifestyle? America has gone too far in the effort to ensure freedoms for some by restricting the freedoms of others.
An owner of a sports team expresses jealousy because his girlfriend is hanging around with powerful men. He states that she should not be hanging out with black men. Now he is losing his livelihood, labeled a racist, and is being publicly disgraced. However, no one seems upset that he is a married man having an affair.
HGTV cancels a show about two brothers building houses so that low-income families can have decent housing. HGTV canceled the show because one of the brothers expressed concerns about abortion and homosexuality on a talk show in 2012. Does being pro life interfere with a person’s ability to build a decent home?
America was built on a foundational statement “I may not agree with what you believe, but I will defend to the death your right to believe it”.
This foundation is what brought about the 1960s racial equality movement. This foundation is what drives the right of gays and handicapped persons to be treated with respect.  This foundation is what makes us a free and unique people.
Why should we be so frightened of disagreement? If we truly believe what we believe, then why is disagreement such a challenge?
I have heard that 10 percent of the people I met will not like me. Oh, well. What I have come to understand it that yes I have opinions and ideas, but when I am dead they will blow away in the wind.
America, as a country of individuals, would be better served by simply shaking it off.

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